Ohio Music Education Association

New TRIAD Available!

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The April/May edition of the TRIAD is now available!

Click the button below to view the TRIAD.

OMEA Election Results

President-Elect: Kathleen McGrady
Treasurer: David Vitale

District 08
President-Elect: Lisa Iceman
Secretary/Treasurer: Kelsey Giotta

District 09
President-Elect: Korey Parlin
Secretary/Treasurer: Andrew Ruetz

District 10
President-Elect: Meg Beavers
Secretary/Treasurer: Jeffrey Freytag

District 11
President-Elect: Chris Adams
Secretary/Treasurer: Erick Von Sas

District 12
President-Elect: Lydia Smith-Lockwood
Secretary/Treasurer: Janet Fu
District 13
President-Elect: Rachel Harney
Secretary/Treasurer: Abby Hinson

District 14
President-Elect: Jodi Smith
Secretary/Treasurer: Shaun Day

NE Region
chair-Elect: Hillery Needham
Secretary/Treasurer: Angeline Shelton

SC Region
Chair-Elect: Michael Brosius
Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Tennant

NW Region
Chair-Elect: Michael Smith
Secretary/Treasurer: Ed Duling

All-State Audition Information

The online audition portal for the 2017 All-State Band, Choir, Children’s Chorus, Jazz Band and Orchestra is NOW OPEN! Click the button below to learn more about the requirements and procedures!

2017 Conference Performing Ensemble Application

Interesting in having your ensemble perform at the 2017 OMEA Professional Development Conference in Cleveland? Click the link below to download the application!

2017 Conference Session Proposals

2017 Professional Development Conference - Cleveland, OH, February 2-4, 2017
The call for session proposals for the 2017 OMEA Professional Development Conference is now open. All proposals areas (excluding tech and industry showcase) must come through the conference portal. The portal contains many new features including the option to have a secretary or department chair submit proposals for multiple clinicians. Be sure to read the Proposal FAQ before you begin. Thanks for your interest in the 2017 PDC.

2017 Conference Exhibitor Info

• Exhibiting information for new exhibitors will be posted August 15, 2016 on this website.

• 2016 Exhibitors will be provided 2017 Exhibiting information in May/June of 2016.

• 2017 Conference Exhibit Hall Hours for Attendees:
Thursday February 2 – 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Friday February 3 – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday February 4 – 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

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Portal Links

Interested in becoming an OMEA Adjudicator?

Do you have at least five years of teaching experience and a record of sending students to OMEA adjudicated festivals?

New adjudicators are needed in all areas.

Application/nomination forms are available in the member portal.

  • Sign into the OMEA Member Portal (http://portal.omea-ohio.org)
  • Select “Adjudicated Events” and note the folder on the left side of the page titled “Prospective Adjudicators.” Open that link and you will see “Application Forms.” You can then download the “Adjudicator Nomination Form” to get started.

Applications to be considered at the January Conference meeting should be received by January 23, 2016 and by May 14, 2016 for consideration at the Spring AE Committee meeting.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Bill Guegold, OMEA Director of Adjudications at:


Contributions to Music Education

Contributions to Music Education is a refereed journal published by the Ohio Music Education Association. A primary purpose is to recognize and highlight the importance of social science research in guiding educational practice. The journal is a fully peer-reviewed publication focused on issues related to music teaching and learning in school contexts. With a history of over 40 years in print, CME has supported scholarly investigation into music education since 1972. Many important figures have served as editor over the years, and numerous researchers have put forth their work in its pages.

The journal is available in print in over 45 states in the US, and several countries abroad. Since 2005, digital copies have been distributed through major academic databases such as ProQuest, RILM, EBSCO, ERIC, and others. The journal has been published 1-2 times yearly for the past four decades, and is currently produced once annually in print, and also in digitized format.

CME is a subscription-based publication. Click here to view more information, see the content, learn about the editorial board, and find out how to subscribe to your music education research journal!

OMEA is an affiliate of NAfME: The National Association for Music Education

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