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2015 General Music Professional Day

2015 General Music Professional Day
Presenter: Jay Broeker

The Creative Curriculum: Getting Ready for the Year Ahead
BethAnn Hepburn, OMEA Event Chair

Hosted by the Ohio Music Education Association
Date: Saturday, August 29, 2015
Location: Henry Defer Intermediate School 1895 Annalane Dr. Streetsboro, OH 44241
Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM with breaks, but no lunch

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Jay Broeker

Jay Broeker teaches general music at The Blake School in Hopkins, Minnesota. Mr. Broeker holds both Kodály and Orff Schulwerk certification, and works as a clinician and consultant for national, state, and local music education organizations in the areas of creativity, curriculum development, and effective teaching practice. During the summer, he is an instructor in music teacher education courses at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, and the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. His commissioned choral works have been performed by national, regional, and state honor choirs and are published by Santa Barbara Music Publishing and by Boosey & Hawkes

The Creative Curriculum: Fostering Understanding Through Improvisation and Composition

Musical improvisation and composition are highly sophisticated forms of "knowing in action". They require that students integrate skills and understandings with a dynamic sense of "what works." For this reason, creative musical projects provide ideal opportunities for exploring the depth of a student's musical understanding. This workshop provides procedural models and sample materials with attention to sequential grade level examples for developing students' musical understanding through composition and improvisation experiences. We will examine a sequence of activities for eliciting students' creative responses and consider models for assessing the musical understanding inherent in each product or experience. Ohio Music Content standards will be linked to the model lessons done by Mr. Broeker throughout the day.

Registration Information

Active Teacher: $40.00 (Pre-Registration Fee) (On-Site $45.00)
Full-time College/University Student: $15.00 (Pre-Registration Fee) (On-Site $20.00)
(Students to show student ID upon arrival on site)

Note: coffee/snacks provided. Free parking. Air-conditioned site.

April/May TRIAD
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Conference Information
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Contributions to Music Education
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Contributions to Music Education is a refereed journal published by the Ohio Music Education Association. A primary purpose is to recognize and highlight the importance of social science research in guiding educational practice. The journal is a fully peer-reviewed publication focused on issues related to music teaching and learning in school contexts. With a history of over 40 years in print, CME has supported scholarly investigation into music education since 1972. Many important figures have served as editor over the years, and numerous researchers have put forth their work in its pages.

The journal is available in print in over 45 states in the US, and several countries abroad. Since 2005, digital copies have been distributed through major academic databases such as ProQuest, RILM, EBSCO, ERIC, and others. The journal has been published 1-2 times yearly for the past four decades, and is currently produced once annually in print, and also in digitized format.

CME is a subscription-based publication. Click here on Research Journal (CME) or in the website menu to view more information, see the content, learn about the editorial board, and find out how to subscribe to your music education research journal!
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