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Teacher Evaluation

The Ohio Music Education Association is dedicated to providing leadership for its members to successfully transition into Ohio’s new teacher evaluation process. We are committed to provide information, resources, and professional development. It is critically important for Ohio music educators and others involved in education to be aware of the policies and implementation of Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) as established in Amended Substitute HB153 (adopted September 29, 2011).

The evaluation system empowers Ohio’s music educators to be directly involved in developing student learning objectives to measure student growth. The evaluation process should build understanding and awareness of the knowledge and skills students acquire through a high quality music education. Successful implementation of Ohio’s Teacher Evaluation System will promote student growth in music and support the profession.

Position Statement

The purpose of evaluating music educators is to ensure high quality musical instruction and student growth in choral, general, and instrumental music in order to meet the needs of Ohio’s students. Quality teacher evaluation must be a collaborative process between a music educator and a credentialed evaluator with a clear understanding of the distinct characteristics of the musical arts. An evaluation should provide the music educator with an authentic assessment of his or her performance. Essential components of a high quality music educator evaluation should include, but are not limited to:

  • Necessary classroom resources and equipment.
  • Multiple measures of student growth.
  • Classroom observations followed by constructive dialog.
  • District and/or teacher generated assessments.
  • Administrator support for professional development.
  • An Individualized Professional Development Plan (IPDP).

Drafted by the OMEA Teacher Evaluation Summit Committee in September, 2012. Adopted by the OMEA Board of Trustees on October 1, 2012.

Hub of OTES Resources

OMEA has created a “hub” of materials that will assist our members in their preparation for their professional teacher evaluation. Members are encouraged to visit this “hub” often as our organization assists music teachers to transition into Ohio’s new system of teacher evaluation.

This list of guidance materials will grow as OMEA continues to develop sample SLOs and resources to help our members navigate the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).

The “hub” is located in the OMEA Member Portal. You may access the portal by clicking the button below.

ODE Fine Art Standards

The Ohio Department of Education encourages visual and performing arts educators to use the standards to help develop the creative imagination, skills and dispositions that students need to reach their highest potential and participate in our global community as innovative and valued citizens.