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Adjudicated Events

For music to be indispensable to learning and life, it must be more than a shallow, passing experience for the student. Increased proficiency increases enjoyment, and competence begets respect for competence. Quality is not a limiting factor for the individual, but puts within his or her grasp an otherwise inaccessible treasure store of the world’s cultural riches. Archibald Davidson has written: “Zeal for fine music...grows out of an experience of the satisfactions that spring only from association with the highest manifestations of musical art.”* It is to these ends that the Ohio Music Education Association sponsors adjudicated events each year.

Marching Band

This event has both district (Local Event) and state (State Marching Band Finals) components. Click here to learn more about Marching Band Adjudicated Events.

Solo and Ensemble

This event features individual performers (soloists) and small groups of performers (ensembles). There are two levels for this event: high school and junior high/middle school. High school performers must choose from a required list of music while junior high performers may choose any appropriate music for the event as long as it fits into the approved event list. To learn more about Solo and Ensemble Adjudicated Events, click here.

Large Group

Large Group Adjudicated Events are for ensembles with lots of performers (concert bands, choirs and orchestras). These ensembles perform three prepared songs for a panel of adjudicators. There are two grade-level groupings for these events. Click here to learn more about Large Group Adjudicated Events.
High School
State Orchestra
District Band/Choir
State Band/Choir

Junior High

Creative Events

This Adjudicated Event is open to any student in Ohio schools enrolled in grades 1 through 12 whose music teacher (school or private) is a current member of the Ohio Music Education Association. The student submits a composition for criticism and/or rating. Click here to learn more about Creative Events.

Ask AE!

Do you have a question about Adjudicated Events and can’t find the answer you need? Click the button below to send an email to Bill Guegold (Director of Adjudications). He will either reply to your question directly or forward the question to the appropriate member of the Adjudicated Events Committee.

Other Information

  • Fees
    • Solo and Ensemble
      High School
      $18 for Solos
      $23 for Ensembles
      Junior High
      $15 for Solos
      $19 for Ensembles
    • HS Large Group
      $210 for each Ensemble
      $220 for each Ensemble performing out of District

      $240 for each Ensemble
      $250 for each Ensemble performing out of Region
    • JH Large Group
      $150 for each Ensemble
      $160 for each Ensemble performing out of District
    • Creative Events
      $17 for each composition
    • State MB Finals
      $240 for each Ensemble
  • Ohio Five Rating Plan
    The Ohio Five Rating Plan of Adjudication will be used for all Adjudicated Events. The decision of the judges is final. A participant or group may elect to perform either for a rating or in “Festival Performance” for comments only, but must perform the required composition(s) for the classification.

    The Five Rating Plan is as follows:

    Rating I:
    An outstanding performance with very few technical errors and exemplifying a truly musical expression. This rating should be reserved for the truly outstanding performance.

    Rating II:
    An unusual performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects in performance, ineffective interpretation, or improper instrumentation.

    Rating III:
    An acceptable performance, but not outstanding. Showing accom- plishment and marked promise, but lacking in one or more essential qualities.

    Rating IV:
    A poor performance showing many technical errors, poor musical conception, lack of interpretation, incomplete instrumentation, or lacking in any of the other essential qualities.

    Rating V:
    A very poor performance indicating deficiencies in most of the essen- tial factors, and indicating that much careful attention should be given to the fundamentals of good performance. This rating should be used sparingly and only when it is possible to cite major faults. 
  • Home School Policy
    Home-schooled students may participate in Solo & Ensemble Events.The online registration takes place via their private instructor (who must be an OMEA member) and their parent or guardian becomes the acting school administrator.

    Home-Schooled students are to follow the rules/procedures that pertain to their situation (eg. A Home-Schooled junior high soloist will follow all rules applying to middle/junior high, high school solo will follow the rules applying to high school).

    Home-schooled students are eligible to participate in Large Group Events if they meet enrollment requirements and are permitted participation by their local school district, and meet all other OMEA eligibility requirements.
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