Ohio Music Education Association

Creative Events

James B. Vaughn, Creative Events Chair
Mark Lochstampfor, Creative Events Adjudicator

• Open to all students in grades 1-12.
• The student’s teacher (public or private) must be a standing member of OMEA.

• Compositions, applications, and the $17 application fee (payable to OMEA) are postmark due May 1, 2018. Deadlines are strictly enforced.
• Please ensure that you read all rules and regulations on the submission form.
• Handwritten submissions are fine but must be legible.
• Most notation software (Sibelius; Finale; Noteflight) is acceptable to submit.
• Electronic submissions are acceptable (and can be submitted by email or on CD media), but OMEA requires a score. All submissions must be able to be notated in some way, part of which may include graphic notation.
• Recordings: highly suggested if possible. Large ensemble compositions are stronglyencouraged to have a recording.
• Encourage students to submit compositions, but please use discretion in submitting compositions that are notable. Entire class submissions are not generally encouraged. However, don’t forget that you can submit compositions for FESTIVALPARTICIPATION!

• A copy of the adjudication form used by our Creative Events Adjudicator is on the member portal of the OMEA website.
• Sample Superior compositions are available on the OMEA website.

• Composers receiving a rating of Superior or Excellent will be recognized in the Triad and may be asked to showcase their compositions at the 2019 OMEA Professional Development Conference.
• Composers may order a pin (grades 1-8) or a medal (grades 9-12) from the OMEA Director of Adjudicated Event Awards and Materials.

James Vaughn, Creative Events Chair

Phone: 419-335-5756 x1268
Email: jbvaughn@wauseonindians.org

Sample Student Submissions

Click the links below to view samples of actual student submissions. These are being used with the permission of the student and teacher and represent original material that earned a SUPERIOR rating.

Crazy Cats by Clara Gasser

Soaring Birds by Corbin Gasser

Frist - “A Space of Time” by E.C. Yuhas

The Duelist’s Fiddle by Charlie Robertson-Boyd

Registration Process

All Creative Event registrations must be completed by the OMEA Member.

You can find the registration materials in the Member Portal by:
  • Clicking in the sidebar on ADJUDICATED EVENTS


$17 for each composition

Registration Deadline

The deadline to submit Creative Event entries is May 1st.

Classification for Compositions

  • Solo Instrument
    (1) Piano
    (2) Guitar
    (3) Harp
    (4) Organ
    (5) Keyboard Percussion (Minimum of two parts)
    (6) Instrumental Solo with Accompaniment
  • Instrumental Ensemble (2 to 5 parts)
    7)  Woodwind
    8)  Brass
    (9)  String
    10)  Percussion
    (11)  Mixed Instrumentation/Orff Instruments (with or without piano)
  • Vocal Solo with Accompaniment
    (12)  With Original Poetry
    (13)  With Selected Poetry (Source of Poetry must be accurately indicated)
  • Vocal Ensemble
    Source of Poetry must be accurately indicated
    (14)  SA with Accompaniment
    (15)  SSA
    (16)  SSAA
    (17) TB with Accompaniment
    (18) TTB
    (19) TTBB
    (20) SATB
    (21) Miscellaneous Voices (with or without Accompaniment)
  • Larger Ensemble (More than 5 parts)
    22)  Woodwind
    (23)  Brass
    (24)  String
    (25)  Percussion
    (26)  Band
    (27)  Orchestra
    (28)  Chorus (Source of Poetry must be accurately indicated)
    (29)  Miscellaneous
  • Electronic Compositions
    These compositions must be sent with a CD/DVD as well as a notated score or graphic representation of a musical score.
    (30) CD or DVD
    (31) CD or DVD with instruments and/or voices (Source of Poetry must be accurately indicated)

Order Awards

When a composition is awarded a Superior or Excellent rating, the student is awarded an OMEA adjudicated event certificate. Junior high students may order an OMEA pin. High school students may order a medal.